Every day I learn something new. I share it weekly, just so I don't forget.

  • One of the world’s most powerful designs certainly is the Rainbow Flag. Designed by artist and LGBTQ activist Gilbert Baker, it has gained fame in LGBTQ activities and protests all around the globe. To honor Baker who passed away in March this year, New Fest and NYC Pride partnered up with Fontself to create a free font inspired by the design language of the flag. Its name: Gilbert.
  • Man on the Moon reminded me that we shouldn't take ourselves too seriously. Ever.
  • When someone pisses you off or utterly frustrates you, you want to call, break, shout, scold, argue... immediately. But don't. Thinking about why they made you mad in the first place, sleeping over it, pausing for a moment is what really helps bring constructive feedback. Constructive feedback and the right tone and choice of words is what actually make a change. That's what I did the last time my father did exactly the opposite to what I told him and it definitely helped.
  • One doesn't simply forget how to snowboard. 🏂 I was super nervous before my first ride for the season and thought I had forgotten everything from the past season. Not only I hadn't, but on my first day, I managed to do some basic switch riding. Yay for staying in good shape during the off season and for muscle memory! 💪🏻
  • Related to the above → starting a side project based on your hobbies is easy and inspiring.
  • I don't particularly like the button lift, it's pretty sucky for snowboarders. I've been consciously avoiding it the previous season. The other day on the slope though, no other lift was available. So I had no choice. I fell twice and then mastered it. Constraints help us improve. Embrace them.
  • I love organizing events and I have a particularly obsessive planning approach, most of the time preferring to do everything myself. Last week I organized a holiday get together for my friends and decided to experiment with a slightly different approach: do the bare minimum for the organization (one call to book a space), involve others and give them creative freedom (Kiro with music, Svetla with workshops, I didn't ask or check in with any of them on progress or what they were actually preparing), involve guests (asked everyone to bring their own food and drinks). I had no particular plans on decoration, venue setup and all that jazz. It all happened on the spot. We just showed up an hour earlier. Lessons: letting go, experimenting and trusting people do magic; the more connected we are, the more disconnected we get: intentional community is needed. I will nurture mine.
  • Related to the above → I don't have a single picture from our first event. Experiences, my friend, not pictures is what truly matters.
  • For the first time in my conscious life I woke up on December 31st without a plan for the new year's eve. A Facebook status and an hour later, I had a plan with friends. Everything works out in the best possible way in the end. So relax already!