As of this week, I'll make the weekly digest of 7 items. It's a weekly thing after all, so one thing per day of the week. Makes sense, right?

  • This playful, cheeky and downright silly collection of ampersand illustrations is an ongoing personal project exploring humour in typography.
  • The most important design jobs of the future. Interesting times ahead. Human organs designer, anyone? Via Creative Shower.
  • Evernote’s 5% problem offers a great lesson for tech companies. Or why staying focused is key.
  • Goals suck, develop habits. I just have to quote this in case you don't read the whole thing: In 2016, to not know the benefits of regular exercise you must be living under a very large and very old rock. A lovely long read by Mark Manson.
  • Beyond Meat mission is to create mass-market solutions that perfectly replace animal protein with plant protein. Their goal is to reduce by 25% global meat consumption by 2020.
  • Intro tracking and logging your activities, like me? Gyroscope is a personal dashboard powered by your life. It's crazy and scary at the same time. Thanks, G.
  • We love throwing big End of the Year parties. The pics from the 2015 one are pretty sweet. And some of them slightly weird.
  • Have a lovely week!

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