• The works of Art Director and Illustrator Peter Tarka just make me swoon. His illustrations and 3D visualisations are purely stunning. Also, I think I finally found the prints for my living room wall.
  • PINTRILL is a lifestyle accessory brand, specializing in pin fashion. Yay!
  • Email On Deck allows you to create temp emails fast in just 2 easy steps. Super handy, especially if you need to create different web accounts often like me.
  • And if you need to generate weird passwords often => Passweird.  Super handy 2.
  • I often create very bad mockups or even worse sketches to communicate ideas to the designers I work with. This most of the time assumes I am present at their desk and draw in their notebooks. Realtime Board seems like a great tool to help do just that, but remotely. (via)
  • What if you could receive fun pair of socks every month? Count me in for Say It With a Sock. Also, that would be the perfect gift to remind a close friend of you every month.
  • Do you often press pause? Research shows that reflecting on the lessons of the day improves productivity.

Bonus link: If you have ever attended a conference, think for a second and share what you'd enjoy most as swag. Hat tip Kai for the #radswag idea.

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