• Tomasz Furmanek has spent about three years documenting Norway's picture-perfect fjords from the seat of his sea kayak, often completely alone. Breath-taking photos that make me want escape to Norway right nao!
  • Busy Building Things is sparked by a desire to create something edgier that truly speaks to the nuances of our creative and entrepreneurial culture.
  • The Modern Desk sends a fine selection of apps and accessories for the modern office, straight to your inbox once a week. A project by Kai Brach, the man behind my favorite magazine Offscreen. I'm a subscriber to both, you should too!
  • Sketchboard allows you to solve problems and create ideas on endless whiteboard with your teammates by sketching. I use Moqups, but it's collaboration feature is only available in the paid version, so happy to try out Sketchboard too. via.
  • Giphy Maker makes it easy to create animated GIFs from video files and YouTube links. That tool should definitely help generate even more awesomeness on our little company fun project When you work at SiteGround.
  • Generosity is a community for showing and sharing compassion through socially conscious fundraising. A project by Indiegogo. Hat tip!

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