• "As a result of my 'quarter-life crisis' and of the sinking feeling that days were passing me by without me creating new memories or making use of my creativity, my origami crane diary was born". Cristian Marianciuc makes an origami a day. He's unbelievably talented and I love how this little project helps him remember at least one thing about every single day. Thanks, Raya!
  • Because every now and then everybody needs a People I Want to Punch in the Face notebook. Wishlisted. Raya again.
  • "Don't Complain, Create" is a presentation by one of my all time favorite people and a true inspiration Tina Roth Eisenberg. Do yourself a favor and spend 20 minutes with her talk.
  • Unihorny is G's little pet project about beautiful female photographs.
  • Refold is a foldable, flexible, affordable and 100% recyclable standing desk.
  • Nomadbase is a real-time map of digital nomads created by my friends over at HumanMade.

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