• Wintercroft supply templates and instructions that enable you to turn unwanted card into beautiful 3D masks that you can build and decorate yourself. Unleash your creativity now. Thanks, Raya!
  • If you have designer friends and struggling with Christmas gift ideas, this idea-packed guide will save you from trouble.
  • Julie Zhuo, Product design director @ Facebook gets asked all the time by designers "What project should I take on?/Where should I work?/What should my career look like?". To answer those questions she created this flow chart. Brilliant!
  • The people behind Unsplash are releasing a book with contributors receiving a % of all profits. I'm almost 100% sure that you've at least once used an image from Unsplash. Which is why you should back them too!
  • This is exactly the dock I need to get rid of all the wires and fiddling around while using cinema display with my MacBook. #wishlisted.
  • I wish I could send all the emails in the world in order to experiment with subject lines. Cool observations from both Campaign Monitor and Mailchimp.

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