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Weekly Digest #3

Tomasz Furmanek has spent about three years documenting Norway's picture-perfect fjords from the seat of his sea kayak, often completely alone. Breath-taking photos that make me want escape to Norway right nao! Busy...
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Weekly Digest #2

Brunch City is about food, travelling, illustrations, photos and creativity. Love it! Histography: where every single dot is a historic event from Wikipedia. Thanks, Brian! Workflow connects apps and actions together to automate things...
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Trip to Brno & Prague

We visited Brno and Prague earlier this year and have posted a short photo journal and some Prague and Brno tips from our stay there. They are both pretty amazing, so if you haven't been there, you should....
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Weekly Digest #1

Reasons #2 for starting this blog was that I needed a digital hub to collect and store my daily random finds. It took me a while to figure out the most appropriate format and the frequency of posting these, but it's now time to give it a go. I'll...
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I believe in the power of side projects, but I've failed miserably on multiple occasions to actually start one (even this website). This is why I really admire people who find the time and have the willpower to develop a little pet project....
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My First Photoshoot