Heya, bro!

You were a bit too quick to leave, so I couldn't say a proper goodbye. I'm writing here instead.

I know I wasn't always the best sister in the world and you probably have a hundred and one reasons not to like me. I didn't like you all the time either. But I hope you trust that I've always wanted the best for you and always had my best intention to help in the best possible way I could at the time. Always!

It's probably hard for you to believe, but I learned a lot from you — acceptance, patience, trust. You taught me that change comes from within; you taught me to take better care of myself; you taught me not to worry about things that don't matter; you taught me that the only thing that truly matters is pure and unconditional love for our closest ones. For all the lessons, I thank you!

I know you were often deeply saddened and lonely. I also know that if you had stayed here, you wouldn't be happy. So, however hard it is that you will no longer be around, I know that you'll be better off where you're going. People tell me they don't understand your final decision. Whether it was the voices in your head or you consciously made that decision, I understand it. I understand YOU. And I am happy for you, really happy because I know that you've finally found peace.

Say hi to mom from me and good luck out there.

Rest in peace, kiddo! Forever 27 in my heart.