I've always been terrified by the idea of me being on stage and speaking in front of other people. Yet, I am huge supporter of knowledge sharing and after I started this blog, I felt less nervous about being on stage. So, when I saw the call for speakers for WordCamp US I applied. My chances were slim - it's the inaugural edition of the biggest WordPress gathering in the States and I was quite sure they wouldn't accept a first-time speaker. Until I received an email confirming my application. I am incredibly excited and honored to be able to share my experience and lessons learned from my humble conference journeys.

Feedback Wanted.

I've already prepared my talk but I really want to make sure I answer as many questions that the talk title and summary may evoke and keep the talk on the right track. I would be very happy if my 3 readers provide some input and help me do well. Here's the deal:

My talk title: Conferences For The Ultimate Connected Brand Experience

Talk outline: Freelancers, small and even established businesses often overlook the value of conferences mostly because they are usually a significant investment that is difficult to measure. In this talk I’d like to share several tips that will help both individuals and businesses to create the ultimate connected brand experience by attending conferences and generate valuable business as a result. Attendees will leave the session with specific actionable items on how to prepare for a conference, what strategies to implement for the best results and how to take the most from the event after it’s over.

How can you help: Based on my talk title and outline, what questions would you like to be answered? Drop your wisdom in the comments below.