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  • I wasn't good on the button lift (see bullet #6 here). After several falls and hikes up the slope, the last time I 🏂-ed, I did pretty much a full day without any falls and I was getting very confident on the button. Read this as, I wasn't focused 100% on the lift ride itself, balancing my legs and maintaining my posture so that I don't fall.  Instead, I would look around, try to play with my phone while on the lift and generally distract myself. Then I fell bad. Oh well, no matter how confident you are at the button lift, remain on focus. I guess that's also quite valid for pretty much anything else you do and especially in business. It's easy to get distracted and it's easy to forget where you started from. Stay focused. Stay humble.
  • As part of a field research for one still unannounced side project, me, Svetla and Kiro are visiting various gyms and group workout activities. Last week we visited one particular gym and we unanimously had the worst experience ever. The experience itself is a subject of a totally separate post, so I won't go into details, but to imagine how bad it was, I'll just mention this: The coach of the group told Kiro to take off his buff as it was disrespectful to the group to exercise with a buff on your head. All this while she was sitting on a chair in the far end of the hall, arms crossed, clicking and double clicking on her computer, while she was supposedly leading the workout. I was very pissed off, and pretty close to just leaving the workout in the midst of it all. Somehow I managed to pull myself together, suck in my ego and stay till the end. And then, while I was pushing myself not to punch her in the face, I had an idea. The routine itself gave me a pretty nice business idea on management training while exercising. It turns out even the most frustrating experience can give you ideas! 💡 So embrace them.


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