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Weekly Digest #17

The weekly digest was quiet for a while. I've been piling up good stuff to share, but I guess I was just too lazy to post it. Here, more goodness than usual to make it up for the absence. Salty Wings is a collaborative aerial project by...
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Nutty Energy Bites

I'll be going on a work trip the coming week and was wondering what could I eat on the plane, as I really want to avoid airplane food. So I decided to make some protein nut balls - they are super easy to carry and you should have no problem with...
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Blood Diamond

Nope, this is not a review of Leonardo Dicaprio's movie. With my new experimental diet, I decided to have a juice day once a week to cleanse a little bit and give my body a break. I bought a masticating juicer and have been experimenting with...
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Weekly Digest #16

The works of Art Director and Illustrator Peter Tarka just make me swoon. His illustrations and 3D visualisations are purely stunning. Also, I think I finally found the prints for my living room wall. PINTRILL is a lifestyle accessory brand,...
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Weekly Digest #15

Today I give you a two-week-digest, as I missed to publish last week. Now go give someone a hug. Jocelyn K. Glei has created 12 Desktop Wallpapers for Creative Thinkers. We really have no excuses for not working out. Jessica Walsh and...
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My First Photoshoot